Tank & piping inspection to
API 653, 570

Tank & piping inspection to
API 653, 570

Tank inspection

Aboveground storage tanks contain millions of gallons of liquid that may contaminate the environment and cause major accidents and damage.

The role of a qualified tank inspector is to assess the suitability of the tank to the standard, manage and audit the required testing program and perform appropriate calculations to determine the frequency of such tests.

Gabi Shoef has gained many years of experience in the inspection of tanks and provides inspection services under API 653 for in-service tanks and API 650 for new tanks .

Piping inspection

Gabi Shoef provides its customers with an API 570 certified piping inspection services. Such an inspector may assess the quality of the piping, whether it be new or in-service, and assess its conformity to the requirement of standards, including certification for use to next inspection.

A piping inspector holds knowledge of the various types of piping, including welding inspection, repair, modification, periodic inspections and pressure tests.

Gabi Shoef inspectors who are API certified are recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Welding inspection

In order to assure the customer and weld manufacturer that the quality of their welds meets the requirements and will not cause heavy damage subsequently, a qualified welding inspector should be involved to ensure that all operations are performed as required.

Gabi Shoef’s welding inspectors possess the appropriate certifications, qualifications and knowledge.

The Supervisor performs the Welder Qualification Record (WQR) certification and the Welding procedure specification (WPS, PQR) certification

Gabi Shoef provides supervision services for the following activities:

  • Provision of Welding Certification
  • Supervision of natural gas and related projects
  • Preparation of process certification for various welding situations
פיקוח מיכלים וצנרת API 653, 570